Raw Survival:

A Practical Guide to Living through Loss

by Jan Rozga

Has your world been shattered by grief? Is pain pulling you under the waves of despair and threatening to hold you there? Take heart, rescue is possible. Hope is possible. Whether you’re grieving the loss of an infant child, grown child, spouse, or elderly parent, Raw Survival is for you.

Rozga’s bold authenticity, relatable humor, and passion for Jesus will inspire you to pour another cup of coffee and spend a few more minutes in these pages, as you join her powerful story of survival and learn:

  • How to identify common challenges of the first days, first year,  and even years after experiencing loss, so you can move forward knowing that you’re not alone.
  • How to celebrate every step toward healing.
  • How to reengage in the important life-events of others.
  • How to use God’s word to crush lies that threaten to keep you trapped in despair.
  • How to use daily prayer as a tool for authentic healing.
Jan Rozga



...God has been writing Jan's survival story and given her the courage to share what she's learned about living through loss...



David lived his life out loud. In fact, it was his energy and passion for life that makes his death so inconceivable and motivates us every day to tell his story.

Praise for Raw Survival - ANTHONY J. SCALZO, DIRECTOR, DIVISION OF TOXICOLOGY, SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE “In an era of reality stories, it is rare to find the truth, clarity of experiences, and memories as shared by Jan Rozga in her new book, Raw Survival. While I was only a small part of this story of a mother’s joy turned to heartache, I can testify that all of what is recorded in this riveting book is true and the emotions are real. If you have your own teenagers, hug them every day and tell them you love them, because life can change in an instant.” - SUSIE SHER, IOWA GOVERNOR'S OFFICE OF DRUG CONTROL POLICY “Incredibly well written and vulnerable. I felt the hope and love of God as I read Raw Survival. Each passage of Scripture shared connects powerfully to surviving grief, regardless of the type of loss experienced by the reader. Very, very important guidance throughout the book. This needs to be shared!” Praise for Raw Survival - SASHA J. MUDLAFF, VICE PRESIDENT, HAMILTON'S FUNERAL HOME, DES MOINES, IOWA “Jan speaks directly from her broken heart into the grieving hearts of those devastated by the sudden, tragic death of someone they love. Masterfully written, this book not only pulls the reader in closely as Jan shares her own compelling and devastating story, but it challenges the reader to consider their own grief journey, bringing hope and healing through thought-provoking questions, poignant Scripture passages, and comforting prayers that the reader can personalize as their own when there just are no words.” Praise for Raw Survival - TINA SAVANT GIBSON, CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR TO LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE: BEING A LIGHT IN A DARK WORLD “When we wander through grief valleys of despair, we doubt anybody understands. Oh, sweet soul, my friend Jan does. Her book Raw Survival is a heartbreaking, hope-gushing story about the healing love of Jesus. She doesn’t sugarcoat the hard; instead, she shares with brave transparency, beautiful authenticity, and a kindred vibe. By inviting us into her own raw survival, Jan helps us discover healing and hope in ours. What a gift.” Praise for Raw Survival - KAREN LANGSTRAAT, REGIONAL DIRECTOR, STONECROFT “This book is really well done and it’s going to bless, comfort, and impact so many people at their point of need. I love the balance of spiritual elements and the raw, honest trust in our God. It is boldly transparent and clearly presents the Gospel.” Praise for Raw Survival - TINA CHAPLIN, SCHOOL COUNSELOR “I definitely recommend this book to others. It takes a poignant look at the grieving process and gives readers important strategies needed to navigate it: counseling, journaling, prayer, connecting with others who are grieving, self-care, etc. Raw Survival is a tool that will positively impact the mental health of readers.” Praise for Raw Survival - VICKY OHNEMUS, GRIEVING PARENT “I’m beyond amazed. As I read Raw Survival, I tried to put my own grief aside, but it was simply impossible. Time and time again, I felt God saying, ‘Come to me, trust me,’ and I found courage and hope that I will be able to look back after a few years and see progress in my own battle with grief. The realism and raw emotion pour off the pages.” Praise for Raw Survival - MIKE SHIELDS, DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT, EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH OF AMERICA “God is going to use this book to minister to so many who need the hope and truth of Jesus Christ in their moments of deepest pain and loss.” Praise for Raw Survival - SANDY BLOEM, GRIEVING GRANDPARENT “This book is real, it’s truth, and it offers hope! There is a tremendous ministry between its covers, making it a great gift to share with someone who has lost a loved one! The reader sees how God can (and will) meet us where we’re at and continue to bring healing. Great guidance for dealing with the thoughts and emotions of grief.” Praise for Raw Survival - JAKE LETTINGTON, FRIEND OF DAVID ROZGA “I am dealing with the emotional loss of a close family relationship. Although I would never compare my struggle with the loss of a child, I find great hope in the words and scriptures in Raw Survival and appreciate Jan’s transparency in sharing personal struggles, like needing a nightcap before bed to keep her mind from wandering. It is relatable and makes me feel less alone.” Praise for Raw Survival